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A Quick Shoot

This treatment includes nail trimming and shaping and cuticle care, followed by a soothing massage, warm towel, and your choice of polish.

Pina Colada

Achieve total relaxation with coconut-infused exfoliation and a natural tropical scrub massage with this treatment!

Mojito Peppermint

Enjoy a natural scrub with hints of peppermint moisture and a vitamin E mask in this manicure.

Tequila Sunrise

Massage hand with an exotic orange sugar scrub for deep moisturizing, followed by paraffin dipping, moisture mask, and lotion.

Herbal Spa

This is a green tea-infused manicure with hot stone massage, paraffin dip, and a refreshing mask.

Gel Manicure

This manicure requires no drying time and does not smudge. It also lasts up to two weeks!

Dipping (Healthy Nail Dip)

The Signature Nails System dipping powder is recommended for thin and brittle nails. It contains vitamin E and calcium that helps your nails grow healthier. The treatment lasts 2-3 weeks and requires no drying time.
(Additional $5 for Tip Add-On)


Luxury Nails Salon offers a high standard of cleanliness in a relaxing atmosphere. All pedicure services are performed while you relax on a comfortable whirlpool spa chair. We use ADA hospital-graded sanitized equipment, disposable liners, buffer, file, and pumice.

A Quick Shoot (30 minutes)

This pedicure includes nail trimming and shaping, cuticle care, a soothing massage, warm towel wrap, and a polish of your choice

Sea Breeze (35 minutes)

Treat your feet with a marine scrub in this pedicure! Further, the scrub exfoliation extracts and smooths the skin. This treatment will leave your feet feeling soft and smooth.

Pina Colada (40 minutes)

This treatment includes the Sea Breeze pedicure with a Pina Colada scrub, moisturizing mask, and a buttercream lotion massage.

Mimosa (40 minutes)

This treatment includes the Sea Breeze pedicure with an additional mango scrub, mango mask, and a buttercream lotion massage.

Long Island (45 minutes)

Revitalize your feet with the super hydrating milk and honey scrub, mask, callus removal, and a buttercream lotion massage.

Strawberry Margarita (50 minutes)

This pedicure features a simple solution to hydrate your skin with an anti-aging system and certified organic ingredients. It includes a strawberry soak, strawberry scrub, strawberry mask, organic olive oil lotion massage, and callus removal.

Martini Lime (50 minutes)

Enjoy a lime soak, lime scrub, lime mask, organic olive oil lotion massage, and callus removal with this party pedicure!

Champagne Cocktail (55 minutes)

Our Champagne & Rose collection is rich in natural antioxidants, essential fatty acids, carotenoids, ferric acid, sterol, polyphenol, and contains remarkably high levels of vitamin E. This is a deliciously fragrant treatment inspired by the fruit of the vine. It uses grape-derived enzymes, along with fruit acids designed to gently exfoliate and hydrate the skin. You will be completely relaxed after enjoying a shea butter foot massage, followed by callus removal, wrap, mask, and warm towel. (Callus removal included)

Mojito Peppermint (55 minutes)

The Peppermint Stick collection includes a foot soak, scrub with natural antioxidants and amino acids, shea butter mask with vitamin E, callus removal, and an antioxidant aloe vera lotion massage.

Tequila Sunrise (60 minutes)

This pedicure includes a warm foot soak with a few slices of oranges and orange-flavored essential oil. Your feet will be exfoliated with an exotic orange scrub for deep moisturizing, followed by a hot stone massage, callus removal, paraffin wax dip, shea butter moisture mask, and a butter lotion massage

Signature Herbal Spa (65 minutes)

This luxurious pedicure begins with a Botanical Escapes green tea foot soak, followed by an organic exfoliation complete with mint green tea and apricot seeds. A complementing mint green tea mask is then applied to re-energize and hydrate the feet. This pedicure treatment is completed with an additional hot jade stone foot and calf massage, callus removal, and a paraffin dip

Callus Removal
Gel Polish Add-On For Pedicure


* Additional charge for various shapes and extra length

Acylic/ Overlay with Gel
$55 & Up/ Fill-In $45 & Up
Liquid Gel
$75 & Up/ Fill-In $65 & Up
Hybrid Gel
$75 & Up/ Fill-In $65 & Up
Ombre Set
$70 & Up/ Fill-In $60 & Up
Pink & White
$75 & Up/ Fill-In $60 & Up
$80 & Up
Powder Color Add


Cuticle Trim
Stiletto Shape
Long Nails/Extra Length
Cut Down
New Nail Repair Only
Shiny Finish Buffer
Ombre or Chrome
Paraffin On Hands
Paraffin On Feet
Take-Off Acrylic only
Take-Off Acrylic for New Service
Soak-Off Dip Only
Soak-Off Acrylic/Gel Powder with Service
Soak-Off Acrylic/Gel Powder Only
Take-Off Gel Only
Take-Off Gel for New Service
Gel polish
Polish Change on Hands
Polish Change On Feet
Polish Change Gel On Hands
Polish Change Gel On Hands With Removal
Polish Change Gel On Feet .
Polish Change Gel On Feet With Removal


Eyebrows & Eyelashes.


Cluster Lashes
Half Set
Volume Eyelash Extension
XTREME Mink Lash
recommended every 1-2 weeks
Eyelash Removal


Complete Face
Under Arms
Half Arm
Full Arms
Bikini Line
Half Legs
Full Legs


Cold Bottled Water
Hot Tea
Sparkling Cider
Coke / Diet Coke
Orange Juice
Pina Colada
Pinot Grigio
Sweet Pink
Fruit Wine
Wine ( White / Red )
Beverages available by season. Ask technician for more information. Please show your ID to our staff for our alcohol service. One glass for each customer with service.
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