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Luxury Nails Nottingham: Policy

♦ Appointments will only be honored 10 minutes before & up to 10 minutes after scheduled appointment time.

♦ Any time over 10 minutes after scheduled appointment time, you may add your name to our walk-in list.

♦ Please, no cell phone use or loud conversations inside the salon. Please call ahead of time if bringing babies. We may refuse service if you have a baby with you.

♦ You are responsible for any broken or damaged equipment or products in the salon (including broken nail polish bottles).

♦ We have the right to refuse/stop service for any reason we deem necessary.

♦ No refund on lost/stolen gift cards. Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash.

♦ Please, request prices for additional services you desire.

♦ Please write your name, contact number, and write the exact services you wish to receive.

♦ No cash refunds after receiving your services.

♦ Please let us know if you suffer from any allergies to any of our salon products ahead of time.

♦ Please be aware that your natural eyelash will fall out a little bit after wearing eyelash extensions for a long time.

♦ We do not service kids or offer kids price. But if there are a services on kids we would charge and go by kids size.

♦ If your child is being destructive or loud in the salon, we have the right to stop or refuse service. Thank you.

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